Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lent 2012

As our Lent study this year we are going to be using a book called ‘The Nail’ by Stephen Cottrell.

The book offers imaginative reflections on Christ's crucifixion. Each of the seven chapters is focused on a different key character, who describes his or her experience of the Passion. The nails used to crucify Christ are used as a jumping off point for their reflections. Each character considers the questions, 'who killed Christ' and 'who was responsible?' Each chapter includes a Biblical passage, a meditative hymn, a reflection from the point of view of the character and some questions, and a short prayer.

Stephen Cottrell is the Bishop of Chelmsford and was formerly the Bishop of Reading. He has worked in parishes in London and Chichester, as Canon Pastor of Peterborough Cathedral, as Missioner in the Wakefield diocese and as part of Springboard, the Archbishop's evangelism team.

We hope to be able to offer a mix of daytime and evening groups across the parish, from the week beginning 27th February. To join a group please add your name to the list in church as soon as possible.

To help us get the most from Lent this year we’re offering 2 additional services. The Wednesday Mothers Union Corporate Eucharist at 9.30 am will become a weekly Said Eucharist from 29th February. During the Lenten it will include a seasonal reflection. Also on Sunday evenings, beginning on 26th February, we will be saying Compline (night prayer) at 8.00pm.

I do hope that you will want to join us for some or all of these, to enable us to get the most from this holy season.