Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back to Church Sunday 2012

This Sunday is Back to Church Sunday. All of us were new to church once. We hope that many people will be inviting and be invited to give church another go.

Research says that many people who no longer go to church, would come back if they were asked.

Church is great - nowhere else would you get such a diverse group of people together for the same reason. It's not a place for the holy and good, who have their lives sorted and are on their way to heaven. It's a place for those who are in need - messed up, broken, people as well as those who are more sorted - all on a journey of discovery, a realisation that life is far more than we make it to be, that it's full of mystery, wonder and love. Christian people know that as God.

Here are a couple of videos. In one below, Archbishop Rowan reminds us why B2CS is a good thing and then the one above, well, talks about what church really is... (it's a bit American, sorry for those of you who aren't)

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