Saturday, 1 June 2013

Laying the Foundations

We are now in Ordinary time in the church’s cycle of the liturgical year. That’s right, glorious green is back!!! Ordinary time is called ordinary, not because of it’s dullness or blandness, but because the weeks of the season are numbered.  The Latin word ordinalis, which refers to numbers in a series, stems from the Latin word ordo, from which we get the English word order. Thus, Ordinary Time is in fact the ordered life of the Church—the period in which we live our lives neither in feasting (as in the Christmas and Easter seasons) or in more severe penance (as in Advent and Lent), but in watchfulness and expectation of Christ’s return. It is in this season that we are expected to grow in hope and faith - hence the verdant green.

To help that growth in us in the parish we are running the “Foundations in Living God’s Love”, or Foundations as we have shortened it to, in the Autumn.

Foundations is a course to help us discover or rediscover the foundations of Christian faith and it covers similar ground as the Alpha or Emmaus Nurture courses.  It’s based on the three key themes of the Living God’s Love Diocesan initiative: Going Deeper into God, Transforming Communities, Making new Disciples. It has three core 5-session modules designed for groups, and a fourth module ‘Living God’s Love In Action’ designed for individuals.

I hope that many of you will want to seize this chance to look afresh at some of the key aspects of what it means to be a Christian and to be a member of the Church.  Foundations offers a wide range of topics, and encourages you to draw on your own experience, to deepen your knowledge and understanding and to reflect on how what you have learnt can make a difference in your life and the life of the Church.  As with all courses, to get the most out of the material, we’d like you to commit to coming to as much of the course  as you can!

We held a Foundations taster evening recently to which over 20 people came, 15 of whom have signed up for the course when it begins and we hope that many of you will want to too. If you are interested, please pass your details to the Parish Office as soon as possible so we can ensure we get together enough resources for the number of expected participants.

The course starts on 18th September 7.30pm in St Peter’s Church. If you’d like more information, please speak to Simon, a member of the Study and Nurture Group or a member of the Lay Ministry Team.

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