Monday, 9 September 2013

Assistant Curate - Guess Who?

As many of you know, our parish has been a training parish for a number of years and you have had the privilege of training many deacons and priests over the years.

Parishes were asked some time ago whether they would like to 'apply' (wrong word but best way to describe it) to have an Assistant Curate as of Petertide (early July) 2014. We applied and the Diocese agreed that we would be a good training parish and that I (and this startles me) would make a great Training Incumbent.

The diocese has 17 ordinands that it hopes to place back within the diocese as of Petertide 2014 and I was emailed in July by the DDO (Diocesan Director of Ordinands - sort of the HR officer of the diocese) with details of one of those 17.

I met this person a few weeks ago for the best part of a day. We talked and listened to each other. I asked them what they might hope to receive from the parish if they came here and what they might bring in terms of experience and expertise. At the end of the day we prayed that God would clearly guide us in making this important decision.

In short, we got on well and it became clear that there were many common priorities in terms of ministry and mission. Refreshingly there were also many places where we differ too and this person will bring much to challenge and shape the ministry and direction of our parish.

Our candidate joined us for worship on Sunday 8th September with their family to give them a chance to experience the central expression of our life together, our sharing of the Eucharist.  The candidate and their family remain convinced that they would be trained well with us, that they would grow in faith with us and that they could be formed into Christlikeness with us as we journey on with our Lord - and I feel I could work with the candidate as a colleague and they would be great to work with.

We now wait for advice from the Diocese on how we formalise this relationship. Watch this space for more information.

In the meantime I encourage you all to pray for the candidate and their family and for each other as we continue to seek God's wisdom and guidance in this matter.