Saturday, 14 September 2013

Foundations Course

The Foundations Course begins on Wednesday this week. We hope that you will be coming to join us! It will be a good evening and hopefully we will make and deepen some friendships and renew and deepen our shared faith.

The course will follow a structure similar to this but timings will of course vary:

7.30pm Tea/Coffee/Cake will be available

7.45pm  The evening begins with an introduction to the course and the evening and then a chance to get to know one another in small groups and share each other's experience. These groups will remain largely the same over the weeks of the course to encourage trust and sharing.

8.15pm - Feedback/Questions from the groups

8.20pm - Discover and Explore - a chance to explore the theme for the evening in some depth

9.05pm - Reflect on the topic, discuss in small group and field any questions.

9.20pm - Looking forward - introduce next week's topic and pray

9.30pm Depart

In preparation for the course please can you think about the following:

1. When you think about God, what do you think? WHat words/images/pictures would you use? Ask a friend or family member too.

2.  How have you learnt what you know about God? Think about childhood experiences as well as more recent years.