Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Seeking Salvation - 20 September - 8pm

'Cross Reference' © Sheila de Rosa but used with kind permission

For many artists, their work is an outlet for their own search for meaning. It is a way of expressing the natural questions that arise from simply being alive. In that sense all art is a spiritual search and asks both artist and viewer similar questions to those of Spirituality and Theology such as: Why am I here? Does my life have any purpose? Why is there suffering?
Through a brief look at how some great artists approached this search and a chance to look at Hertfordshire based artist Sheila de Rosa’s own work, we will have a chance to discuss some of these big questions together.

St Peter the Apostle, Mill End


This event is free and is part of our GROW week and all are welcome to join us.

Refreshments will be available and there will be an opportunity to purchase some of Sheila's work too.

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