Saturday, 5 May 2018

Thy Kingdom Come 2018

Folks, I'm absolutely convinced that prayer changes things. Many of you here will know that for yourselves as we have prayed for you and you have felt encouraged and blessed or someone you know of indeed you yourself have seen your life transformed for the better. But I am convinced that prayer not only has the chance to transform for the better the person for whom we are praying, but us am many around us too.

We are taking part in a Novena (wave) of prayer beginning on Ascension Day (10/5/18) and I call on each of you to take part. Feel free to message me on Facebook or text me with prayer requests. 

Full information can be found at

I'd like to see each of us take part in #Plege2Pray where we commit ourselves to praying specifically for 5 friends or relatives at 5pm each day to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Cards to help us do this will be handed out on Sunday and could I encourage you from then til Ascension Day to be thinking of 5 people to pray for by name.

There will be a number of opportunities to gather with others to pray across the parish and further afield (aside from our usual Sunday and midweek worship). The full details are below and it would be good to come and pray together.

Please join me in praying that God's Kingdom would come visibly amongst us and that those we know would come to transformed relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

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