Thursday, 30 April 2020


Our Eucharist on Sunday 10th May will have an all ages together, informal sort of feel and will start slightly later than normal at 10am. I will send out an order of service to follow on the day at home.

In preparation for the service, could you all spend a little time finding on the internet and printing out 1 dwelling place, a home, from a different community around the world and be ready to talk about what you like about it or how you think it might feel to live in.

It would be wonderful if one of the younger members of the church family would be willing to commit to read our reading for us please? It's John 14:1-6 and you can download it here but do tell Simon that you are willing! First come first served!

I'll explain in due course how we might share in the reading and pictures together.

The other thing you will need is a small glass of water. Again I'll explain in our service.


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