Sunday, 12 April 2020

Alelluia! Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter!

This will feel a strange Easter indeed.

Christ is raised and we are filled with hope; but we also wait in hope for our current life in pandemic to end, but we do not know yet when this will come.

As people seeking to live the eternal life that the risen Jesus offers us, we must live hopefully that the world is and will be different because the old certainties of life, where the dead stay dead, are gone because of the resurrection. 

Experience says though that life remains largely unchanged, but we are called to be people who wait and live in that hope.

Aside from Easter greetings, I also wanted to send you some further resources to aid your worship at home. Please find attached the liturgy for Morning and Evening Prayer and a table of readings to take you through to the end of the month.

This morning at our 7.00 am service I remembered that whilst we live in hope we still keep vigil with a world waiting for this hope to be a reality.

We keep vigil: 

with those at the sides of hospital beds or waiting anxiously by the phone in the hope of face-timing a dying loved-one

with those who will be up with small ones in the wee hours changing nappies and comforting cries

with those whose days will be long and lonely in quiet houses on quiet streets with all but quiet minds to keep them company

with those who will be at the fireside of buildings collapsing because someone left the toaster on next to the book they were reading to take their minds off this whole, consuming unknown

with those who will be kept in snuggly beds with the ones they love, as they mend broken hearts and stretched relationships with the gift of uninterrupted presence 

with those who will be in pain because it’s chronic not acute and so others have run out sympathy for them just like the pharmacy ran out of paracetamol

with those who will be stacking shelves in preparation for the onslaught of panic-buying after a day-long rest at last

with those in the design tech classroom at school printing bits of medical kit on a machine you thought was just a bit of fun for the students but told your head of department was cutting edge and essential - well that came true real quick

with those who will be yearning for parents and partners, family and friends who you fear are bewildered as they shield in the institutions which have closed doors to protect them

with those who will be together but apart because this sickness has no respect for those already going through the mill right now.

with those who will read the Bible for comfort
with those who will pray for the first time
with those who’ll dismiss all that crap because it feels good to push back but secretly hope they don’t get overlooked by whatever benevolent force may or may not hear them
with those who mark their doors with tears, pleading  that the angel of death passes over
with those still in the garden of agony
with those denied a fair trial because the video link broke up and they were de-prioritised while the state-sponsored lawyer was off in self-isolation
with those whose lives feel no different
with those whose normal only got worse
with those who no longer bother to cover the bruises
with those who noticed spring for the first time in years

We watch, we wait, we pray, we hope…
A new Day has Dawned but when will that new day dawn?

Keep vigil with me
In your pj’s or PPE
On zoom or twitter or the old dog and bone,
In silence or chatter
I don’t care
But keep vigil with me

As a new day dawns, let's wait, work, love and pray in hope for that New Day to dawn!

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