In Touch Bereavement Group

We are all affected by bereavement in different ways and the journey through bereavement will be different for each person. ALthough close family can offer care and support, it can be helpful to have someone to talk to, not closely associated or involved, but who is trained to support and listen to those who are grieving

In Touch Bereavement Group offers just that sort of support to those bereaved in the parish.  Our trained visitors will happily visit at home following the funeral.

Christmas can be one of the times of year when we miss our loved more keenly. St Thomas' and St Peter's churches both have Christmas Trees up in the days leading up to the annual celebrations and we invite you to come in, and write a card on the tree to remember and commemorate them

The group also organises monthly lunches which allows a time for those to meet socially to help ease the pain of loss. The lunches are usually held in local pubs – of which there are many to choose from in the area!

If you would like more information, would value a visit, or would like to attend a lunch, please make contact with the Parish Office.